Konstancja Tytoń (one-to-one piano/voice & group lessons)

'Konstancja - (Reference from USA) To whom it may concern - Konstancja Tytoń lived and worked with our family for a year as an au pair in the United States. I have three children ages 10, 8 and 6 years. Throughout the year, Konsti was not only a wonderful caretaker to my children, extremely caring, thoughtful and energetic, but she also brought music into all of our lives. Music is a clear passion on Konsti’s and she is extremely gifted.  I would highly recommend Konstancja Tyton as a skilled musician who also possess a warm and caring personality and is always willing to go the extra mile.  She was extremely patient with all of my children as they learned the piano this past year and she worked with them to put on mini productions with singing and choreography. They loved it and as a result, they loved her. Konstancja is an excellent teacher and nanny and has had a year of experience with me that I can attest to as well as experience as a camp counselor at a performing arts camp. Any family would be blessed to have Konsti in their life. Sincerely, P.M.'

Konstancja Tytoń (training)
ICMP - London (The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance) - pursuing Bachelor degree, starting September 2017
POSM II st. im. Karola Szymanowskiego (Poland)

Konstancja Tytoń (work)
Long Lake Camp of the Arts (USA)

Konstancja Tytoń (instruments taught)


Marilena Theodoraki (one-to-one classical piano & group lessons & aural & theory & workshops)

Marilena Theodoraki was introduced to Music World in the age of eight. From young age, she used to know what she wanted to do in her life, to play the piano and communicate by the music. Also, she has spent her entire life on it. She is a friendly and experienced person with a lot of energy and passion for work. She loves teaching piano and theoretical lessons to people who want to learn more about the charming world of music. She likes to motivate her students by searching their personalities and get the best result. Considering that each student is separate, she can deepen its needs and advance in its life. Her main concern is to be able to make happy students with an appetite for study. She is an active member on piano and orchestra seminars all around Greece and Εurope. She lives in Orpington of UK and works for Orpington Music Studio. She is acceptable to do her master in piano performance and you can see her achievements and awards on training paragraph.
Marilena Theodoraki (instruments taught) - Classical Piano

Marilena Theodoraki (training) - www.youtube.com/MarilenaTheodoraki
The first of two years on Diploma of Fugue - Byzantine Conservatory of Athens (2017)
Public Legacy Scholarship for undergraduate studies by contest for 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 - (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens - A. Papadakis Legacy)
Graduate Diploma in Historic and Systematic Musicology - National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (2017) 
Yamaha competition in Athens (2017)
Degree of Counterpoint - Byzantine Conservatory of Athens (2016)
7th pan-Hellenic piano competition for young pianist (2015)
Yamaha competition in Athens (2014)
Diploma on Piano Performance - Hellenic Conservatory of Athens (2014)
Degree of Harmony - Byzantine Conservatory of Athens (2012)

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