PHOTOS Student Concert (Ripley Arts Centre - Bromley Arts Council), featuring our tutors Eva Jacobs & Alexander Ling on 21st March 2019

PHOTOS Student Concert (BYMT - Bromley Youth Music Trust) on 12th December 2018

PHOTOS Student Concert (Central London) on 10th December 2017


PHOTOS - Mini-Student Concert on 7th May 2017


PHOTOS - Lecture/Workshop on 10th October 2016
''Imagining sound' - an introduction to the Kodály method for young musicians'

Lecture/Workshop on 30th May 2015
'Introducing the guitar in a playful and interactive way for children'


PHOTOS - Lecture/Workshop on 31st January 2015
'About Beethoven'

Lecture/Workshop on 7th December 2013

Exploring Piano Exams - An International Performer/Pedagogue/Examiner's guide


Student hands (a selection)