August 2019
And I forgot to mention, (***) is very happy and learning very well with Jenni. Brilliant teacher.

July 2019
Hi Bobby, my name is Freida, l am 71 years and Ralitsa Penvova has been my teacher for nearly one year....I cannot thank her and your studio enough for her wonderful, patient and stimulating teaching. Always pleasant and very patient, she has taught me so much more about music, about the psychological aspects of playing and much more than just learning to play than I would ever have known or ever have learned elsewhere. I only wish that as a child I would have had such a teacher. 
(Freida R*******)

May 2019
Thanks for introducting Alex to us and my son is totally enjoying his lesson with him.

May 2019
Fantastic news, Bobby - thank you! Many thanks to Alex for the inspiration and keeping (*****) focused and interested! Have a nice long weekend ahead.
Kind regards,
(Alina B********)

April 2019
Dear Bobby, I cannot speak highly enough about my teacher Ralitsa Pencova. As 71 yr old who only had a few lessons as a child and when Ralitsa started teaching me I really was only Grade 1. Now after less than one year I am playing Beethoven Moonlight Sonata and Bach Invention 1. I cannot thank her enough for her patience and encouragement. She is a FANTASTIC teacher. Thank goodness I found your website when I was looking for a teacher........
(Freida R*******)

April 2019
With Alex Ling, I am very pleased with my child's progress. Also, I can see how her interest in playing a piano is re-ignated, which I believe is important for children. 
(Alina B********)

April 2019
I think we’ll stick with Eva for the moment, (*******) is used to her and she is quite good with him, he can be a bit tricky when he is tired and she handles him well.
(Leanne R***)

April 2019
I was very impressed with Alex Ling. Is he available?
(Mohini S**** P********)

March 2016
Bobby is very good he brings out the best in his students. My daughter is learning very fast and is enjoying her lessons very much.

July 2015 
Hi Bobby, 
Thanks for helping my son prepare the aural part of his ABRSM Grade 7 exam. He was very pleased with the lessons and was fully confident going to the exam. 
He got a distinction, with a very high aural score!
Muchas gracias,