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Bartosz Berner, BMus

Singing, vocal acting, stage language and piano


Bartosz is a graduate of Academy of Music in Gdansk, where he obtained BA on Vocal-Acting Department, in Musical Theatre Performance line. During studying time he was playing piano on academical - additional instrument-level crowned piano diploma exam. In addition, he graduated from classical singing at High Music School in Poland obtained level equivalent to 8th grade in United Kingdom musical education system. He took part in workshops and masterclasses with Bob Chillcot, Anna Radziejewska and SAS in Jerzy Artysz class. As an academical student was related with CVT (Complete Vocal Technique), which suits perfectly to his classical background. This technique of singing connects classical bell canto aspects with modern knowledge and artistic needs.

Bartosz Berner (training)


Master's Degree in Cultural Communication Studies (Faculty of Languages): University of Gdańsk (2015-2017)

Bachelor's Degree in Musical (Vocal-Acting):

Stanislaw Moniuszko Gdańsk Academy of Music (2012-2015)

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